Work vs. Life: How to Achieve a Better Balance

As an entrepreneur, you knew you had to work your A off, that your business would become your life, your day and nights, your Sunday evenings,  your everything. But as it is very important that you focus completely in the development of your baby business, it turns out that it is also very important that you find that Work/Life balance required to feel that you’re still a human being and not a machine.

I find myself desperately needing this so desired balance, and as it doesn’t come by itself, I started looking around for some advice on how to set myself up for it.

Luckily enough, I found today this article in Under30CEO  that made me feel a little dumb.
Of course, the article is just an eye opener, just sit down, read it, find what can YOU do that you have NOT been doing to find your balance…

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“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”


“Tus clientes menos felices, son tu mayor fuente de aprendizaje”


20 Things 20-Year-Olds Don’t Get

I´m almost at my 30´s (in 3 days), and I´m constantly evaluating if what I did with my 20´s was worth it, and I´ve found out that there are many things I would do differently if I had the chance.

Now… we all know that that won´t happen so I opted to instead of nag about what already happened, I would learn from my experiences, apply, and move forward.

Reading through my Facebook Timeline, one of my friends posted this very interesting article by Jason Nazar, Co-Founder & CEO, Docstoc.

Please, go straight to reading this article, and if you have any comments, feel free to leave them at the bottom.
I would very much like to know your impressions.

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